AdvancedFilter Class Part 3: Creating the Sub Class

In order to get the nice drop down menu we’ll need a second class I’ll call “SearchTerms.” This class is also necessary to store each individual search term entered into the class. Included in this class will be:

  1.  Search Term
  2. Header
  3. Header Operator
  4. Match Type

' SearchTerms
' Description: This class contains the search information.
' Authors: Jon Nyman,
' Change Overview
' Date Comment
' ————————————————————–
' 03/02/2012 Initial version

Option Explicit
'Class Variable Declarations

Private msSearchTerm As String
Private msHeader As String
Private meHeaderOperator As HeaderOperator
Private meMatchType As MatchType
'Class Property Procedures

Property Get SearchTerm() As String
SearchTerm = msSearchTerm
End Property
Property Let SearchTerm(ByVal sItem As String)
msSearchTerm = sItem
End Property
Property Get Header() As String
Header = msHeader
End Property
Property Let Header(ByVal sHeader As String)
msHeader = sHeader
End Property
Property Get Header_Operator() As HeaderOperator
Header_Operator = meHeaderOperator
End Property
Property Let Header_Operator(ByVal eHeaderOperator As HeaderOperator)
meHeaderOperator = eHeaderOperator
End Property
Property Get Match_Type() As MatchType
Match_Type = meMatchType
End Property
Property Let Match_Type(ByVal eMatchType As MatchType)
meMatchType = eMatchType
End Property

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