Site Ending

This site will be going the way of the ether come next week. You can still see the posts over at It’s been great. Check out my web development blog over at

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I’ve jumped ship from Excel programming over to JavaScript (in a functional manner). I’ve also gone the way of Linux away from Windows. I love Excel and its power. But I see the writing on the wall and am moving to where I can hopefully get some work and starting making some moolah. You can […]

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Spreadsheet Budget Launched

This first version is pretty basic – yet powerful. It will import your financial data from KMyMoney (I’ll add more financial programs later). Soon I will add report templates so you can easily view your finances – how you like it. It comes with an auto updater (wyUpdate) so you can stay up to date […]

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Bit Torrent Sync & Updating/Installing Programs

Bit Torrent Sync (BT Sync) is great software which can be used for syncing files. I use it for backing up all my pictures/videos/music/files/mobile computers. Well, I did some testing and it looks like it can be used for installing and updating software also. I tested it with my Windows 8 computer over to my Windows […]

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Zipping Files with VBA and USB Drives

I used Ron de Bruin’s file zipping (and sending) code with Excel. It works great with a few tweaks. Unfortunately when someone is using a USB drive with their workbook on it it fails to work. So warning: Make sure the users are using it on the main computer when trouble shooting!

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I have one Time Card template setup with SUMIFS (used for Excel 2007 and above templates) and one set up with MATCH/INDEX (used for my 2003 and below templates). I tested the calculation speeds for each in Excel 2013 (preview) on Windows 8. Here’s the VBA test code: Sub test()   Dim dTimer As Double […]

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Coming TimeCard Software Updates

Just a quick update. I should be putting out the new Excel Time Card by the end of this week or early next week. This will be a big update. Including the following: Dashboard redesign (and Staging Area) easily change jobs on chart easily change settings on dashboard filter jobs on chart, e.g., you have […]

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Excel Extensions

Excel extensions extend the range object to use LinqTo2dArray (see also Codeplex). It also includes other extensions. RowsCount: Count total rows in all areas. Parse: Parse congruent range into an object by row-object arrays. This doesn’t necessarily need to be congruent, in the future I may make it so it skips to different areas in […]

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LinqTo2dArray written in C# (to allow iteration over the rows). Also found on CodePlex. Parse will take a 2D Array (not necessarily zero based) and load it into a class. Parse 2D object array into a class row wise. Compose will create 2D object array from enumerable type. Copies the elements of the 2D object […]

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Attempted to read or write protected memory.

I’ve been working on switching over to a “new” machine (more on that in a new post). In the process my time card program stopped working with the following error: System.AccessViolationException was unhandled Message: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt. Unfortunately this error doesn’t […]

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